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I’m a results focused business growth expert with experience in both business to business and business to consumer environments, in the UK and overseas. I’ve specialised in strategy and planning since 1995 and I love it more today than I’ve ever done.

What clients say about me, what I help them achieve and how this makes them feel is all that matters.

My reputation is everything.

It affords me to do what I love, every day.

- The Difference

I know first-hand what it’s like to be completely and utterly invested in something you’ve created or had a significant part in developing.

I’ve led a multi-million-pound business and managed budgets of more than £2m. I’ve got a thorough knowledge of all aspects of business planning.

My impartiality guarantees I provide an objective viewpoint on your current strategy and planning activity, while maximising cost effectiveness to deliver quick wins, medium term results and long term objectives.


I’m no stranger to high-growth.

I know what it takes to get results and create a business that’s sustainable.

- Strategic Thinking

I provide clear strategy and planning support and advice. When we first speak, I won’t talk to you about current practices or even positioning. Instead, I’ll have a conversation with you. I’ll get to know you and your business – considering where you are now and where you want to be.


I’ll get to understand your business culture and objectives, then work with you to develop a specific strategic plan that will help you achieve your objectives, identifying clear milestones so that you can see how activity is measured and when goals are achieved.



A powerful brand can turbo charge growth. Your brand identity represents how your organisation wants to be perceived, what your company stands for and, most importantly, it implies a promise.    
An effective brand should demonstrate your value proposition and when brand identity correlates to perceived value, you can demand a premium. If your customer’s brand experience is positive you’ll see increased loyalty and you’ll stand out from the competition too.    
A strong brand implemented well ensures consistency and saves time and money when developing new materials.
I’ll work with you to develop a brand and identity that positions you as a company that people want to do business with.


Strategy– that’s the “what” bit
Planning – that’s the “how” bit
Understanding your target market and major opportunities, together with product and service innovation could mean new business opportunities. Depending on your market this could be new investments, capacity changes, key appointments, new product launches or changes in strategic direction.    
Well thought out strategy and planning can help you refine processes, maximise efficiency, identify new opportunities and achieve a sustained competitive advantage. You’ll also eliminate wasted resources.   
I’ll help you create an integrated strategy and plan that you can execute using your own resources (with some outsourcing, if necessary) and I’ll stay with you to ensure your objectives are met, sustained, and further developed.


The cost of acquiring new customers is around four times the cost of retaining an existing customer. So, the business case for a well targeted Customer Relationship Management (CRM) campaign is compelling.  

Customer Relationship Management improves your organisation’s performance through establishing, developing and maintaining successful relationships.  
An effective CRM strategy will help you improve the level of repeat customers, reduce customer churn rates, increase the rate of referrals, reduce costs, and maximise cross-selling and upselling opportunities.  
I’ll help you create an effective CRM strategy that is aligned to your marketing strategy and overall business goals.


A well thought out lead generation strategy will ensure that you generate a positive response when you reach out to your target market. And, qualified data coupled with great creative and a rigorous sales process will deliver results when managed well.
An online strategy can be extremely effective for generating new sales leads. The highly-targeted nature and the transparency of the media make it a marketing tool that is not only flexible but measurable too.  
I’ll work with you to develop a lead generation strategy to deliver relevant enquiries from your target market.


I work with people to help them identify what really motivates them and how to leverage that in the workplace. Using tried and tested coaching methods and tools I help people develop their innate ability to affect their own positive impact.
The objective might be to identify better ways to communicate, deal with difficult situations or get more out of connections with other people.
It’s not unusual to work more effectively with an outsider to develop an idea or formulate a strategy or plan of action without preconceived ideas or to avoid being told what you want to hear.
As long as a goal adds real and measurable value we have a shared objective to work towards it.
I also work with leaders to develop company culture and ensure they retain the best people who reflect their values and aims as an organisation.  
1-to-1 and 1-to-few coaching and mentoring activities include;

      • Senior management and director executive coaching and mentoring and team facilitation

      • Working with business leaders to define and recruit sales and marketing resource

      • Working with sales managers and directors to better manage existing resource and ensure accountability

      • Support for sales and marketing professionals to help them define measurable goals and demonstrate impact

      • Co-production of sales and marketing strategy and planning

      • Development of sales and marketing messages and frameworks that work best with your target audiences

      • Measurement of results, impact reporting and delivering feedback

There’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to coaching and mentoring, so I’ll work with you to understand your objectives and goals to develop a plan that works for you and your business.    


I’ve worked in a wide range of sectors including; leisure, IT, professional services, training, recruitment, education, manufacturing and engineering (in the UK and internationally) but I enjoy nothing more than the challenge of understanding and applying my skills to new sectors. I’ll challenge your current thinking to get the best out of your budget and your people for the benefit of your business.


D Morrison, managing director

Caroline is a breath of fresh air in a world of clutter and cheap chatter. She quickly identifies customer requirements, offering an intuitive and insightful contribution with the sole objective of hitting the bottom-line. Personable, constructively challenging and with a very engaging style. If your company is seeking a competitive advantage and wishes to stay ahead of the competition, engage Caroline.

R Stone, managing director

Caroline can analyse a business and very accurately decide where it can improve and where improvement will deliver real value. I've worked with several business and marketing coaches and mentors in the past and, in all honesty, have never really found one that can deliver measurable value to an extent that even approaches Caroline's work.

A Rowland, director

Caroline consulted on a brief to refine our strategic priorities. The project was completed in a highly professional way with strong outputs which have led to several strategic changes in the business. In her time with us, Caroline encountered, and handled, numerous strongly opposing views from senior managers and shareholders, which did not deter her in her completion of the brief.

J Watt, director

To completely understand our business Caroline probed deeply, with a fresh perspective and encouraged us to do the same. By reacting to those observations and insight, our methods of business have undergone a metamorphosis and we are reaping the reward. After only a few months of Caroline’s expertise we are realising; higher enquiry, increased turnover and have an unprecedented pipeline of business.

P Rasmussen, vice president

I worked closely with Caroline regarding the planning of marketing activities in the USA. Caroline proved that she is an experienced and accomplished marketer and she was a great asset in both the process as well as making sure we reached our goals.

B Compton, managing director

Caroline brings a very refreshing can do attitude to developing marketing strategy. She is also capable of picking up the key nuances of a niche industry, product, and service rapidly.



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